Simple pricing

Pay as you go Free in beta release

Each month, the first 1k views is free

1€ for every 2k views (1)

1€ for 10G data transfer (2)

Realtime job 1€/month (3)

1 - A view is a widget displayed in one page on your client browser (only in production mode)

2 - A data pulled from your server or data source (only for dynamic data or api calls)

3 - When you use the realtime feature [websocket, mqtt ...], a dedicated job (See Worker) will be created to fetch your data and delivered to your client's browser. Each worker costs a 1€ per month.

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* In beta release, all services are free with a reasonable usage.

how much can i save with Parachute ?

Task Widgets on your charges with Lines
Graphics Designer €€ 0
Development (UI & API) €€ 0
Integration and Test €€ 0
Data & api €€ 0
CI/CD & Hosting time €€ Pay as you go